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Precision Document Solutions is in the business of providing strategic Managed Print Services and Healthcare eSolutions that optimize usage, minimize cost and provide reports for analysis and ongoing cost containment.

Our unique cost-per-page model requires no upfront capital. You pay per printed page only so our goal is aligned with yours: sustained peak productivity.

Our national team of service professionals frees your help desk of time-consuming service demands.

And we understand you can't control what you don't know. We capture your data and present you with accurate statistics for making informed economic decisions.

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Managed Print Services

Our primary goal is the same as yours: optimizing your existing printer fleet. Unlike our competitors, Precision has no vested interest in any printer company. Our focus is on operating results, NOT equipment sales. In fact, we recommend no equipment purchases until data is available to support fact-based, total cost decisions.

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Industry Focus

Companies with the greatest potential for savings through Precision's managed print services are those with high print volume and over 100 printers in use. Organizations within this profile that have multiple locations or have not yet centralized purchasing and oversight of their printer fleet operations stand to gain even more. We have achieved strong results in paper-intensive industries like healthcare, insurance, financial and legal.

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Report Suite

Only Precision provides you with the Power of Information by capturing and consolidating your data into a simple reporting structure. Accurate statistics provide the basis for informed economic decisions.

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Healthcare eSolutions

Compliance concerns are a thing of the past with Precision eSolutions. While prohibitive initial investments prevent many hospitals from converting to electronic solutions, we ease the way to increased productivity and significant operational savings. We require no upfront investment, instead, we invest in you, supplying hardware, software, and 24/7 service. You pay only for the forms you print. Our forms automation solutions include hospital admissions, clinical, prescription, and more.

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National Reach

Only Precision employs a national fleet of managers and service technicians ensuring the same proactive quality service at all of your locations.

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Free Up IT Resources

As a strategic partner, we have a vested interest in your continued productivity and efficiency. We assume all risk for your printer operations and maintenance, freeing your IT staff from troublesome interruptions.

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